Top 3 Skincare & Lifestyle Picks for Happy Winter Skin

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It’s not officially Winter according to the calendar, but it was 20 degrees this morning so I’m calling it Winter! I’m the kind of girl that loves snow – so if it’s cold, I’d like for there to be snow on the ground. I’d much prefer to look out the window and see white…rather than the greyish brown we get in snowless Winter months!

I grew up in New England, and while the Winters sure are long, I am at the point in my life where I really try to embrace it. I love the saying, bloom where you are planted. The grass isn’t always greener, and there is a lot to be said for being happy with where you are. And if you truly aren’t happy, I’d say doing something about it is your best option!

Without fail, every Autumn, my skin changes. It’s always the same thing…the heat turns on and my skin feels dry, tight and less glowy. I always try:

  1. To drink more water (easier said than done!)
  2. To eat more healthy fats
  3. To get the humidifier going.

….But these 3 steps don’t fully do the trick.

Newslfash – Dry, tight skin isn’t “normal”! And you shouldn’t have to suffer through the Winter with it!

Since I started using Beautycounter over 2 years ago, my skin has improved so much. I still am working on healing old acne scars, but for the most part I’m really happy with the changes. It feels so much more hydrated, soft, and balanced. It’s rare for me to get a breakout, which I never ever thought I’d be able to say!

I have over a hundred clients at this point (which I am grateful for everyday!), and it’s not just me who loves these three products. By far the top three purchased products among my clients, and users of Beautycounter in general, are these three. They’re great for all year round, but these babies especially shine in the drier Winter months.

  1. Cleansing Balm is one of our best-selling products as it’s incredibly hydrating and healing balm for normal to dry skin and can be used for multiple purposes including as a cleanser, makeup remover, overnight moisturizing and hydrating mask (my favorite!), dry skin healer, cuticle cream, and lip balm.
  2. No.1 Brightening Facial Oil. Oil on my face….what?! Turns out using oils on our skin is one of the very best things we can do for reducing oil production, improving texture, tone and overall appearance. The No. 1 oil is best for skincare concerns such as dullness, uneven skin tone, dark spots, age spots and sun spots or light scarring.
  3. Countermatch Adaptive Moisture Lotion is our best-selling face lotion that adapts to your skin’s cell structure to provide the optimal amount of hydration making it the perfect choice for someone with normal, oily or combination skin. It’s a total game changer for winter skin.

Two other Winter favorites I can’t live without – the Citrus Mimosa Body Butter and the Lip Conditioner in Calendula. Both are so hydrating, yet light and super effective.

*These Top 3 Picks, Cleansing Balm, Countermatch Lotion and No. 1 Brightening Oil are part of the “Best of Beautycounter” holiday set, available through the holidays – or until we sell out. The No. 3 Balancing Charcoal Mask is the 4th product in the set, and hands down if I had to pick my 4 favorite products – especially for winter skin, it would be these. Either for a gift OR for yourself, you cannot go wrong! Plus, the set costs $89…but with all of those products in there it’s a $132 value!

We now have so many products, it can be super overwhelming with what to choose. This set is the ultimate for those who want a simple, minimal skincare routine. If you grab this set, it’s a cleanser, lotion, eye cream, oil and mask all in one!

I love to create personal skincare routines, so if these don’t quite fit your needs, or you have more questions – please never hesitate to reach out –

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