How Beautycounter has changed my life.

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I’ve got so many ideas of what I want to say and share these days! I know I keep telling you that, but it’s true. This post came to me during a middle of the night nursing session a couple months ago. How do I relay to people how becoming a Beautycoutner consultant really has changed my life? And how it might be able to change theirs? Enter, the good old fashioned list. I love reading, and writing things in list format. Do you, too?!

Things I used to do more of before I became a Beautycounter consultant:

  • Worry about what people thought of me
  • Worry about why my kid hadn’t pooped (really, my mental reel was 99% motherhood, and that wasn’t good for any of us)
  • Dream of a day I could: make my kids breakfast, work from a coffee shop, play outside in the afternoon
  • Feel like I’d never be happy with my skin
  • Wish I could be my own boss, call the shots, work on my terms, from anywhere (mostly it was coffee shop work that I dreamed of. And yes, it’s pretty dreamy!)
  • Spend money (night time trips to Marshalls, online shopping)
  • Feel guilty about buying a $10 smoothie
  • Shop on Amazon (I now prioritize supporting small businesses, because I have more income, and to pay it forward)
  • Worry what would happen if my kid was sick and I had to be at work
  • Dream of having a creative outlet
  • Wonder if I’d ever find a safe sunscreen that wouldn’t turn my skin white, and a safe shampoo that would get sudsey and clean my hair!
  • Find a way to support and empower women to live a life they love
  • Watch garbage TV
  • Aimlessly scroll social media (ok I still do this, but I spend much more time creating than I do consuming)
  • Feel a strong calling to leave the world better than how I found it <3

Things I used to do/have less of:

  • Go out for dinner.
  • Run Zoom calls for 25+ women
  • Have friends from all over the world that inspire me, keep it real with me, and make me want to be a better version of myself
  • Money
  • A drive to show my kids how to juggle owning a business, be a happy Mom, run a household…all in one day
  • Post on IG stories. It’s an incredible tool to: connect, inspire. teach, and influence others with
  • Use the Voxer app. And now, I get in the car and I have messages from some of my favorite people, that ALWAYS lift me away from the day to day grind that is sometimes damn hard
  • Think and reflect about what motivates me to work hard

This was a pretty great exercise to do, all of you consultants out there, I highly recommend you take some time to reflect on how your life has changed. It could go on and on, but these are the ones that first came to mind. To sum it up, my life is: richer, happier and more balanced than ever…despite juggling being home with two little kids. It’s changed me in more was that I could have ever imagined, and I’m glad I documented this, because I’m sure a year from now the list will be much longer.

If any of this is something you have questions about, please reach out! I have lots of links and resources I’d love to share…and more than anything just chat about my experience. If you’d like to read more about my husbands perspective of the company and my journey, click here for the post. email:

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