5 Ways to Cultivate Your Best Year Yet

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You did it, you made it through the hustle-bustle of December! It was busy, it was fun, it was delicious. And now, it’s time to slow down, reflect, and think about the year ahead.

It’s January and you have a blank slate, a fresh start, and a new perspective. I personally LOVE this month! It’s an important time to think about…

  • What do you want to accomplish in the year ahead?
  • How do you want your days to flow?
  • What do you want to focus more on?

Certainly there is a lot in life that we cannot control – when your infant wakes up, unexpected colds, long lines at the grocery store. Putting energy towards the things we can control, shifting priorities, and forming new habits and patterns – can all help us live happier, more fulfilled, and balanced lives.

Here Are Five Strategies I’m Using to Make 2018 My Best One Yet –

1. Reflect on the Past Year.

Carve out some time this week to reflect on 2017. Write down memories, lessons learned, and the best things that happened. Rather than focusing on the ways you’d like this year to be different, think about what you want from this brand new year. Last night we spent New Years Eve writing down our memories and best of moments from 2017, and setting goals and intentions for 2018.

2. Write a List of Goals.

Family goals, personal goals, career goals – what do you want to accomplish this year? If you have children that are old enough, set some light goals with them. Check in monthly or quarterly, as it can be so easy to get busy and lose sight when life gets full. Set goals, write them down, make them happen.

3. Set an Intention For the Year Ahead.

Choose a word or a phrase that you want to embody in 2018. This intention can be a continuous thread for the whole year. I recommend putting the word or phrase on the lock screen on your phone, write it on a sticky note and put it on your mirror, and maybe on the dashboard of your car. Come back to this as your anchor whenever you need a reminder.

4. Make a List of What You Hope This Year Will Bring.

More time with your spouse? More sleep? Healthier eating habits? Building a side hustle? Writing down a dream or a goal makes it more real. Similar to a vision board, take even a few minutes to free write a list of whatever comes to mind for the year ahead.

5. Focus on the Small Ways to Enrich Your Life.

Daily tea, reading, and salad. More time with friends, long walks, and an extra smoothie or two in there. Weekly baths, more deep breaths, and toddler snuggles. Schedule time to write or work on a business. Notice there aren’t any “less of” or “no more” phrases there. Fill your tank with what enhances you, and there will be less room for what depletes you!

Here’s to a happy, healthy and peaceful 2018!

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