Giving Myself Grace – A Post Without a Picture

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Oh, it feels so good to sit down and write. It’s a Sunday morning, Finn and Adam are finishing breakfast, Rye is asleep on me in the wrap – so I decided to duck out into the front room and write a post. (1 minute after I typed this she woke up, and so now I will come back to write more later. Such is life with a newborn!!)

Rye is 2 months old, and while I’ve been able to juggle being a Mom, a wife, and running my own business better than I ever thought I would (I was anticipating being able to handle very, very little in these first couple of months based on my first PP experience) – sitting down to a computer and writing has been non-existent. In my mind, the only time I have to write for the blog is early in the morning, before anyone is awake. Each night before I go to bed I tell myself I am going to wake up and hour or so early to write a post – I have so many ideas, so much to share and so much to say, I’m crawling out of my skin with all I want to put out into the world. But then I look at my soundly sleeping baby next to me, and my half asleep husband, and I tell myself sleep is more important. I tell myself the time will come when waking up very early feels like the right choice, but right now it’s not.

Note – I always get up before Finn during the week. I have found I NEED to take a shower and get dressed, put myself together, in order to have a good day. And that the half an hour of sleep I’m missing isn’t as important as what being put together does for my mental state for the whole day! I really embraced the “tired Mom” look when I was postpartum with Finn. I took full advantage of the fact that no one would expect me to shower or pull myself together in those first few months. But this time around I’ve realized it doesn’t have to be that way. I can prioritize showering, which feels so good even if it’s 4 minutes, and everyone in my life benefits from the difference it makes in all the ways!

I need to get it out of my head that my blog is only sharing things to DO – food to cook, plants to buy, products to swap and things to eat. Blogs are more than that, and so is mine! They are a safe space for the author to write about life and where they’re at. All of this has been on my mind, hence my decision to let myself write a post without a picture. A post about life and where I’m at right now, is so much better than no post at all!

I have worked hard to keep this space of mine alive during a very full time of life (I refuse to use the word busy, and choose full instead). The few guests posts I had were like gold to me, as I really wanted to stay somewhat active during my maternity leave. There is a lot of my business pulling me in different directions – this blog, my Facebook group, my Beautycounter clients, my Beautycounter team, my email lists/newsletter, and my Instagram page. Instagram has been the easiest for me to keep up with as the posts are short and sweet, little snapshots of life. As Rye gets older and I start to have a little care for her, I look forward to putting more energy into this blog of mine – I have so many ideas. But I’ve got a lifetime to write, create content and help others live happier, healthier lives – for now most of my time is for this baby and family of mine <3.

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