10 Favorites for Parents & Babies

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1. Zutano Booties – Finn lived in these until he was about 2 years, and Rye is on the same track. They keep their little feet warm, they never fall off, and the grips are great once they start moving. These are such a great gift, too!

2. Beautycounter Baby Collection + Diaper Cream – Safe products are important for everyone, but especially important for tiny little humans. I can speak from experience – these 4 products are all a new baby needs to be clean, well moisturized and soft as can be. No scent in any of these (my total preference) – they’re simple, safe and super effective. Like all Beautycounter products, a little bit goes a long way (we still have all 4 of these from Finn, never had to buy a fresh batch for Rye!). Also makes an awesome gift for a new baby!

3. Portable Sound Machine – Seems kind of silly…but leave that thought at the door! Babies love soothing and repetitive sounds, both of my kiddos sure do. This handy little sound machine was a game changer! We hook it to our carseat and put it on whenever we’re in the car. They both love it and seem to associate being calm with the setting we keep it on.

4. Doc a Tot – We were fortunate enough to be gifted one of these from a friend who no longer needed one and DAMN it’s awesome. I didn’t think it could be as magical as everyone says it is, but yup, magic. Rye started sleeping in it around 1 month (at night) and seems to love it. I know they’re expensive but if you have one to borrow, or have a really tough sleeper, it may be worth it!

5. Couch Caddy – Ok, this is kind of ridiculous. But also really awesome. We got his way to late with Finn, but you better believe I pulled this sucker right out the day we got home with Rye-rye. It’s ugly as anything, but I can keep my drink, phone, diapers, wipes, remotes, lotion, lip balm, rattles, headphones, and snacks all in one place. I’m calling that a WIN no matter how ugly it is!

6. Solly Baby Wrap – If you follow me on IG stories, you know my obsession. The obsession started with Finn and won’t end with Rye. I’ll be singing the tune of the Solly Baby Wrap for all of time, and gifting it to my luckiest friends (Pretty and Well you’re next girlfriend!). From newborn (7 lbs) to about 4 months, my babes live in this thing. It’s so cozy, so supportive, and so darn sweet to be able to smooch their little heads all the livelong day. *I have tried a moby wrap and in my opinion it is NOT the same! I find this one so much lighter, more breathable, more flexible, and so much easier to put on. Plus the patterns are gorgeous and the fabric is like butter.

7. Mason Jar – Yup, a mason jar. A regular old quart size (this is important) mason jar. I exclusively drink water out of one of these guys for the first few months at least, because a regular glass just doesn’t cut it when you’re the one exclusively feeding a tiny person. Get yourself one and drink all of your water from it, you won’t regret it! My goal is to fill mine at least 3 times a day.

8. BIBS Pacifiers – We love these! One promise I made to myself the second time around was that I would try a pacifier right off the bat, and not wait weeks in fear of nipple confusion. I found these on amazon when I was pregnant, and since I’m a sucker for anything Scandinavian, I one clicked these bad boys! They have the cutest colors, the rubber is natural, and the rest is free from BPA, PCV and phthalates.

9. LED CandlesThis may seem strange, but trust me these are amazing both for the hospital/birthing center, and the first few months. I spend a RIDICULOUS amount of time searching for “the perfect middle of the night feeding light” when I was pregnant with Finn. I bought all different kinds of lamps and bulbs, and they were all too bright. I knew I’d need a little light for middle of the night feedings, but couldn’t find the perfect one. And then our amazing doula brought these to the hospital. She left them with us and we used them at home the first few nights. Bring them to the hospital! Use them at night! Trust me, you’ll love them (these are also a great gift to give!).

10. Silicone Bibs – This list is mostly made up of items I could never imagine “loving” pre-baby. Like what can you possibly love about a bib? Well, everything. To clarify this is a food bib, not a drooling bib, the two are different. We had a few others before Adam’s Mom found these. These bibs are super easy to clean, you don’t have to wait for them to dry, and super durable. Plus, the “boat” to catch food that doesn’t make it in to the kids mouth = brilliant.

Some other favorites!

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