Wintery Soup Roundup

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I realized a few years into creating this blog how much I love to cook wintery foods! A couple summers came and went, and I didn’t have many warm weather recipes I wanted to share here on this website. And then fall/winter would come along and I’d be all excited not only to cook again, but to share what I was cooking!

So here we are with a post full of soup recipes that date back to the beginning of this blog over 4 years ago! It’s early February, and it’s pretty safe to say we will be in soup season for at least another couple of months. I hope you find these recipes simple, yummy, and that they come in handy when you need an easy lunch in a pinch. Soup is also great to keep on hand in the freezer – I often freeze in single size containers, and if I am looking for some lunch…frozen soup can be ready in a few minutes reheated on the stove!

Read a little more about each recipe below the picture. To find the recipe, simply click on the picture or the name of the soup, and it will take you right there!

Super Simple Egg Drop Soup

This egg drop soup is about as easy as they come. You can keep it as simple as just broth and an egg or 2, or get a little more fancy and add some greens, left over protein, siracha sauce, noodles or rice. It is comfort food to the max (especially with noodles), and I hope you enjoy it!

Savory Sausage, Potato & Veggie

This is a go-to weekly soup here in our house, and I often change up the protein with whatever I have on hand. It’s really rich and savory with ground pork and all the spices, and a little lighter with ground or shredded chicken. It’s a great way to get cooked greens in the winter, and it just looks so beautiful in a bowl. Dig in!

Curried Red Lentil Soup

I love this soup for so many reasons – but I think my favorite thing about this soup is that onions are the only ingredient that needs chopping! The ingredients are really basic on their own, but when they come together with the coconut milk – it’s a creamy, curry, lentily treat! I find it’s better the day after it’s been cooked (like most soups and stews!) – once the flavors really have a chance to meld. It’s easy to make this soup vegetarian with veggie broth, and it makes a really yummy porch drop off soup for a friend needing a soup-hug!

Simple Potato Leek Soup

Leeks are SO underrated…you feel me?! They are such a forgotten staple, that when cooked with butter and salt, they just transform any recipe they are added to. Because they add so much depth of flavor, you really don’t need anything more than leeks, a few potatoes, some broth and some sea salt. A little cream and parmesan add a yummy level of flavor, but it’s definitely not necessary!

Curried Butternut Squash Soup

Another underrated ingredient, especially in the soup world…butternut squash! She’s easy to roast, and her flavors come alive with just a few other ingredients. The recipe calls for onions, but I have been using shallots instead when I make this soup and OH they are so yummy. Shallots, leeks and butternut squash – 3 favorite winter time ingredients for me! A note on the curry: if you are not a fan of curry, leave it out! The soup is still really good without it, just use a little maple syrup (like 1 tbsp) instead. Sounds like a funny swap, but trust me it’s tasty!

Turkey Chili for the Whole Family

I actually totally forgot about this recipe until I was gathering all the soups from the blog! We haven’t made it in ages, but I am totally going to cook her up this week – especially because I have some canned beans I’ve been meaning to use! Chili is all about the toppings for me – yea the base is yummy, but avocado, cilantro, cheese, sour cream a few broken up corn chips and hot sauce – YUM! I find it keeps me full for so long, too. Just in time for the superbowl this weekend ;).

All About Bone Broth

Last but definitely not least, bone broth! It’s very true what they say, the base to any good soup is bone broth. Making bone broth can be oh so intimidating, but I really encourage you to just experiment and learn by trial and error – because, you honestly can’t mess it up! Mine rarely gets gelatinous (still not sure if the heat is too high, if i don’t use enough bones/feet, or if I cook it too long?) – but I really don’t care because when added to soup, it always tastes good! I worked hard to gather all questions I’ve ever heard about bone broth – so I hope this post is helpful for you!

Cheers to yummy soups! Please share in the comments your favorite soup recipes – I’d love to know.



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