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Have you heard the expression “eat the frog”? In case you are just learning it like me (!), it means “do the thing you’re putting off – first!” So, hey here we go…I’m eating the frog! I’m doing the thing that’s felt unknown, and therefore I’ve been ignoring it. 

Well Beyond the Kitchen turns SIX in October, and in those first few years I was writing a recipe or a post almost weekly. I had a great rhythm for myself and writing (and therefore connecting with so many of you) was something I so enjoyed. But once I added another kiddo to the mix, a lot shifted for me. I became curious about and then convinced, that executive functioning tasks, organization, and task initiation became harder after having kids. Turns out this is real, and now I’m pretty fascinated by how the brain changes after we have children. If you are too, check out THIS study. 

So we’ve got confirmation that in fact the brain changes for two (or more!) years postpartum, which felt validating – but also what the heck do we do about it! That’s been my journey for the last 4+ years. Learning about my nervous system, rewiring my brain, working through anxious + repetitive thoughts viaEMDR. While doing all of this work, a lot had to give. And while I loved writing and creating recipes, this part of my work doesn’t directly bring in any income – so I’ve mostly been focused on my ever evolving work with mission based clean beauty company, Beautycounter. 

So, here we are…just doing the thing! My son is now in second grade and my daughter is in her last year of preschool. As for me – I am settling into life as a Mom with two kids – not babies, not toddlers – they’re straight up KIDS who are so fun to be with. Settling into life as an entrepreneur, a partner, a friend, a gardener and so much more. I feel more space and capacity than I’ve felt in so long – and for that I feel grateful, excited, supported and full of potential. 

Let’s hope you’ve got more to read here again soon!

xx Sara

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  1. Sara, It’s always so great to read your blog. “Eat the frog” reminds me of a story from being a high school guidance counselor and working with kids who hated to do homework. I use to say to them, “eat the frog” meaning, do the homework for the subjects you struggle most in or don’t like first. Then complete the homework from the subjects you love last. That idea helped some!
    Enjoy your new journey!

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