Daily Gratitude Practice + What it’s Done For Me

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It feels really on point, that my first post of 2022 (and well my first post since summer 2021!) is sharing something so “simple”, that has had SUCH a deep impact on my life.

A couple of months ago, during a long walk/convo with a dear friend, she shared the profound impact her daily gratitude list has had on her mental health, and her overall wellbeing. We all hear how life altering daily gratitude is, and it’s become sort of like sleep or drinking water – we hear so often “how good it is for us” that we kind of tune it out. At least I do, and I know I am not alone. On the surface it feels pretty cliche…but buckle up, because this practice has changed the tune for me!

The way my friend talked about her love for this list with such passion and joy, and what an effect it had on her – I couldn’t just ignore it. Her story, combined with a personal tendency to focus on the negative – I decided I was going to commit to this as best I could. She suggested I start taking a few minutes each day to write down whatever I am feeling grateful for. Historically I *really* struggle with routine, and honestly doing anything the same every day – but I’d do my best.

I began this practice 2 or so months ago, but in the last few weeks I’ve become much more committed to it. I like to write my list in the morning best, but often the day goes by and I am writing it at 8:30pm. The COOLEST thing happened about 2 weeks into this consistent practice – I actually felt my mind, and my thoughts shifting. I noticed that in the morning, I was more calm and peaceful – and truly feeling grateful for the warm water on my hands while doing dishes, the birds flying outside, the tea waiting for me. I really was in a different “state” – something major shifted, and I was just living more in a positive, present and mindful state.

Winter can be long, cold, challenging in so many different ways…for all of us. And therefore, January has been SUCH a good time for me to hone in on this simple practice. We all have so much to be grateful for, but after a DOOZY of a 2 years…it’s so, so easy to get caught up in all that is wrong, and all that we wish would be different.

I invite you to join me in this daily practice. I suggest finding a buddy that you share your list with daily – it really helps with the accountability. Give it some time, and I really hope this practice helps shift your perspective on a good life. There is no right or wrong way to do it – just let it flow, and try your best to take just a 2-3 minutes each day to make it happen. Please share how this goes for you if you give it a try!

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