We don’t know what we don’t know. Until now…

Over 1,400 harmful ingredients are banned or partially restricted from personal care products in the European Union. 30 are banned in the United States.

The last year the federal government passed a law regulating the personal care industry?


Estimated percentage of cosmetic ingredients that have NEVER been tested for safety?

0 %

The percentage of lipstick that tested positive for lead according to a recent lab test?

0 %

Let’s rewind 10 or so years…I was in my mid-twenties, trying to heal my skin after years and years of dealing with severe acne. In a constant search to balance and clear my skin, I began to think about what I was putting ON my body, and not just what I put IN it. 

I’ll never forget trying to find a clean mascara and shampoo. Ingredient lists were long, and I felt bombarded with conflicting information from various sources. Over and over I’d try some “cleaner” brands and then would be disappointed with the product – the performance, efficacy and the packaging. I eventually got frustrated trying to find safer products and gave up! 

But a year or so later, I finally tried a few Beautycounter products, and truly my search for clean, safe and effective products ended. I didn’t have to spend more time, or money, trying to find a clean brand for my skincare, makeup and body care products. It was one stop shopping for me, and I was SO glad. 

I had finally found a brand that:

  • Was a perfect match for my recovering skin – allowing me to work with my skin, not against it.
  • Performed so well. I couldn’t believe how sheer the mineral based sunscreen applied, how sudsey the shampoo got, how easily the mascara applied, and how my skin felt and looked truly better than ever.
  • I felt like I finally had some solid info – after just 5 or so minutes on the site, I felt EMPOWERED and not overwhelmed. I learned about the lack of regulation in the industry, and that this company and its growing field of consultants, or brand ambassadors, were actually DOING something about it! I quickly decided in December of 2016 that I really wanted to be a part of it. 

Beautycounter is an education-focused company with the mission to put safer products into the hands of everyone.

Beautycounter has an entire social advocacy and public policy arm, working tirelessly to help change regulations and therefore the entire industry.

Our skin is our largest organ and absorbs much of what we put on it. Lotions, sunscreen, foundation, perfumes, etc. get absorbed into our bloodstream via our skin – within 60 seconds of applying. Let that sink in – no pun intended ;).  Think of a birth control or nicotine patch: we apply to our skin, and the ingredients are absorbed. The same absorption process takes place with the body care products we use every day – for the average American woman, that’s an average of 12 products before she leaves the house (or hops on zoom).  The real kicker? The personal care industry is virtually unregulated. So what does this mean? Products that we hope, and assume are safe – often contain harmful or potentially harmful ingredients. 

In the personal care space, we are bombarded with products advertised as natural, green, clean, plant based – and unfortunately none of these terms are regulated. Us consumers are left feeling discouraged and give up easily (rightly so) when it comes to decisions around what to use for sunscreen, face lotion, deodorant and shampoo.

Finding safe and effective products has become confusing and time consuming – but it doesn’t have to be! I’ve done the research and taken out the leg work – and have found brands (beyond just Beautycounter) that I fully trust for my family…the ones I care about most of all! I’ve learned, through this 15 year long journey of mine, that feeling confident about which products I use every day (on myself and my kids) is so important and definitely plays a role in nurturing my whole self.

If you’re interested in finding the right products for your skin, and for your family,  please reach out. I’d love to personally customize a regimen for you based on your budget, your needs, and your unique skin.

Email me – sara@wellbeyondthekitchen.com, or browse using this link: www.beautycounter.com/sarathielsen

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